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Akasha The Kitty's Domain

Incoherent Ramblings

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25 December 1981
I am more than 18 years old.

I am a Danish woman, who lives with her boyfriend, sons and cat in the birth town of Hans Christian Andersen. I spend way too much time online and some days I fancy that I can write. Most days I realise that I cannot.

Just waiting for others to realise.

I have made a LJ community for my Harry Potter (predominantly Draco/Hermione) fics called kittyfics. Check it out. I advise you not to watch it yet, though, as it's not up-to-date. It would be much better to check e.g. Hawthorn & Vine.

I was recced at accioDHR!


Please use this link to sign up at accioDHR :)

I'm a Mum now! *wide-eyed stare*


baby growth

Draco Malfoy mood theme by euterpeslullaby - I was going to use it on my community, but that was too much work, so decided to use it here. *shrugs*

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