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So, on Saturday there was this show set up by the local Gymnastics Association. It had every single local group do a small segment.

The runners weren't too thrilled about doing a segment, so they just kinda ran around a bit and had someone on the mike try to explain what they were all about, but other than that, most of the groups did their best. I don't remember all of them, but a few highlights (in no real order) were:

- the Cinderella (in Danish: Askepot) group. Little girls in cute little girly girl skirts... doing the Gangnam Style. Most kids and some of the adults had Gangnam Style coming on at some point, haha.

- the Boyz group. Little boys (albeit older than Kupo) doing their thing to a song from the Mulan soundtrack. The one about being a manly man, granted, but still. And they didn't do Gangnam Style.

- Seniors (or as Kupo called them, "grandparents") doing a routine that half of them didn't seem to get. ♥

- Other seniors dancing around with sticks to... One Direction. You don't know you're beautiful.
(I may have close to hurt myself laughing here, but it was amazing and I couldn't help but cheer.)

- The Zumba dancers. They actually got the moves right and everything. Kupo's old daycare lady was on one of the teams and she rocked those moves in a programme that would have killed me five minutes in. Gotta respect that.

- A bunch of other groups coming on later where they actually knew what they were doing and were doing championships and stuff. One group, called Trix, had Snuffles all excited (okay, all of it had Snuffles excited, but now he was more excited) because they were doing a segment with very shiny balls. He wanted the balls, okay? Balls = fun! ♥

But of course, the reason we were even there to begin with is because we'd signed Kupo up for gymnastics last fall and this show is the grand culmination of the fall/winter classes, so he had a show to put on as well.

Gangnam Style. He's the little boy with black gymnastics shoes that constantly gets lost behind a bigger girl:

Other highlights as per my discretion. Plenty of stuff to tease him with when he gets older:

And here are some Snuffles pics (and me w/out makeup... deal.):



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Secrets, Chapter 5/15

Title: Secrets
Series: Silencio
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance, Smut
Main Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Story Warnings: Dubious Consent, Epilogue? What Epilogue?, Mild Kink, Psychological Trauma, Smut, Substance Abuse
Overall Rating: NC-17
Summary: Nine years after Voldemort's defeat, Hermione decides to take a holiday from her life to work out who she is and what she wants to do with herself. She soon gets the feeling that Draco Malfoy might be the key to her salvation, but Draco seems to be consumed by a need to keep secrets that are destroying him and does not want her interfering. Armed with a determination to save someone who doesn't want to be saved, she sets out to see how he might fit into the oddly shaped puzzle that is her life.
Credit & Disclaimer: This is a non-profit derivative work based on the world and characters of J. K. Rowling. Thank you to dollfaced and mazvn for the comprehensive beta and filigree1 for the Britpick.

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Tonight, after the kids had been put to bed, I really felt like chocolate cake. So I asked Maz to make me one and he agreed to do it. I'd have made it myself but energy levels are somewhere below the bottom and the instructions to make the cake were easy enough for Maz to follow. Plus, Maz loves his sweets more than anything, so the prospect of home-made chocolate cake probably made his night.

So, actually, lately I've been dieting. Or, well, kind of. I'm not that disciplined, really. I just can't add irritability from starving myself to my general mood swings, so if I'm having a bad day, I eat and I eat whatever I fancy eating. Usually what I fancy eating isn't sweets or cake, though. If it's "bad food", it's more likely to be nachos or the local fried chicken or something to that effect. Perhaps it's because a lot of the dieting stuff is trying to take the form of candy bars and sweet shakes, I don't know.

In any case, he made this cake and then it was just... far too sweet. I don't even know. He'd followed the recipe, so it (most likely) wasn't because he had made a mistake. It was just far too much sugar for my liking. I start most days on a caramel meal replacement bar and I drink a lot of artificially sweetened soda, but that was just... ick. I could tell that it would usually have been good but it had no appeal, you know?

Oh well. I'm sure Maz and the kids will enjoy the cake. And at least I found dinner surprisingly good. I hadn't wanted tacos, but then... I do like spicy food. :)

My life, it's amazing, isn't it? I will say though that last I checked I had lost about 5kg. So it must be working at least a little bit. I've never dieted before. I've tried to eat healthier but not quite this actively. I just realised that I'd gained 10kg after giving birth to Snuffles and that was unacceptable to me.

As an unrelated aside, I watched old videos with Kupo today. I can't believe he's not that little boy any longer. I miss him. Where did he go?! I mean, the current Kupo is awesome too, of course, but can't I keep all the Kupos? And Snuffles took his first steps this weekend, so he won't stay a baby either. Damn kids.
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Next chapter of Secrets has been sent to beta. Been tweaking on it for months, so I suppose that was about time. IDK how long it will take for it to go through beta. Might be a while, depending on beta RLs. This weekend is Maz's birthday and we won't be home, so the update will happen sometime next week at the earliest.

I have no real news I feel comfortable sharing, what with how nasty some people turned out to be about those things, but I'd like to take a moment to talk about our new bed. Here's the IKEA image:

LOTS of assembly required

Feel free to ooh and aah and tell me awesome while badly hiding your yawns. I think it's kinda fug. I let Maz win the bed debate since I don't really care what the bed looks like as long as it has what I want - storage. I did warn him that it seemed kinda tall, but then we got this slatted bed base:

Also a surprising amount of assembly required

Which unexpectedly raised the whole mattress several cm and then we put a 28cm mattress on top. Yeah. Our four-year-old could barely climb onto our bed and it felt unsafe to sleep on it. It felt like something right out of the Princess and the Pea. O.o

Fortunately we could take the mattress back and we got one that was 9cm lower, which made it tolerable. And the drawers have lots of room, so yay. :)

At least I'm not sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Yeah, our old frame gave out, so that was our sleeping arrangement for a while. But "funny" enough, as soon as we got the new bed, my duvet decided to remind me how old it is by spewing tiny little feathers everywhere. And when I inspected it to find the hole, I found that it had somehow become riddled with holes. Wtf?! -_- Luckily we had a backup duvet. We do need new duvets, but currently we need other stuff more.

We're currently trying to scrape enough money together to get driver's licenses. And yes, that's costly. In Denmark, to gain a driver's license, you need 29 theory lessons, 16 road driving lessons, 8 special road conditions driving lessons, an 8 hour first aid course, a doctor's statement, and there's a special fee to the police for taking the test. And that's all the minimum. So yeah. Will kinda need to pass first time because we're too broke for this shit. :P
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I'm happier than I have been in a long time.

And it's because of something you'd never guess.

It's an advertisement. From TV. For clothes!

This brand is super comfy, I've own trousers from them for years, and now... I want to buy more stuff from them. Because they actually have an ad on TV! Showing ladies like me in a positive, fun, sexy, cute light! OMG!

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Family business

My mother called today and asked me if I wanted a certain kind of chest of drawers. I was a bit confused, because she woke me up, but ended up at "No room for it." Then she began asking about dishes, glasses, plates, towels etc. Eh. Well. Some things we could use more of certainly, but it was odd and idk, often I like to buy things myself rather than get it from random people. I mean, do you know how long it takes a person to subtly break a whole set of ugly plates?

[My grandmother]In any case, it turns out to be because my grandmother is now officially to be living at a home, and they need to empty out her house before it's sold. I've participated in dividing up death estates before, but never an estate of a living person. It's freaking weird. And like I told my mum, I don't think I really want anything from that place.

My grandmother can't really participate in any of this as she's hardly lucid any longer. She's not senile. Most confused elderly people aren't actually senile. She's schizophrenic as far as I've come to understand (and always has been although nobody's talked about it) and lately she's simply not responding well to any kind of medicine and can't be trusted to live on her own. I'm glad they finally made the decision to put her in a nursing home because, frankly, my mum's one brother and his wife were running ragged visiting her every day and trying to take care of her and make her understand what was going on. I bet they'll still be doing that for a while, actually.

I assume the funds from selling her home would be put towards making life a little more comfortable for her, but honestly, I can't see that house fetching much of a price. Maz and I are desperate for a bigger place, but wouldn't take that house if it were handed to us on a silver platter. It was built by my grandmother's father on the outskirts of some tiny village and while it has electricity and running water, that's about all it has. It's old. Everything is small and crooked and almost certainly leaky and drafty as well. Oh, it also has this huge (IMO) backyard to maintain, which goes right down to a stream. I seriously hope that if those who move there have kids, they will put something sturdier up than that one tiny little wire that's currently there to keep their kids safe.

I don't really have an emotional response to any of this apart from being skeeved out that her affairs need to be handled while she's still alive. I tried to make overtures towards my grandmother when I was younger, to give us a better and closer relationship, but she's the kind of person who will put down your every effort. Flowers are nice but a waste of money. Most Christmas presents are just unneeded (and will largely remain unused). Chocolates are fattening. Oh, and speaking of fattening, maybe I shouldn't actually be eating anything at that Christmas lunch because I'm starting to "look like [my] mother", etc. She also told me that I was overfeeding Kupo as a baby, even when I tried to explain her that many small meals were necessary or he would vomit. Oh, and one time she told me never to get together with "one of them" - "one of them" being a person of colour. Hateful and spiteful to the very core, so... you know. Saw her once a year, if that. I'd really always preferred to have nothing to do with her. Still, my mother is faced with an unpleasant task now and so I may end up taking a few dish towels because that seems to somehow make her feel better. I don't know. And hopefully my grandmother will be more comfortable at that home instead of all alone in that creepy old house.
Draco Valentine

Sunday Six Meme, Week 2

It's not Sunday any more, I know. I also think my six bred to become ten or so. Oh well. Exercise failed, but here's still a raw piece of something not likely to be seen again:

Hermione and Pansy took one look at each other and then as if on cue each grabbed a phial of slug juice and flung it in Draco's face. He tried to avoid the disgusting liquid but only lost his balance, his arse hitting the floor with a rather memorable thud. "Ow!" he whinged. "And yuck! Professor!"

"Rrrrznnggkk hnnnh…" said Professor Slughorn up at his desk.

The girls both laughed—at the same time and at the same thing. This was enough to make everyone who'd otherwise paid no attention look up uneasily. "This is eerie," Ron muttered, shooting the pair a frightened look.
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My night is ruined

Do you know those people that find it infinitely more important to tell you what they think about any given matter than to exercise some compassion and restraint and shut the fuck up?

Yeah, me too.

Apparently I haven't done enough about this plagiarism matter, you see. I alerted people here, twitter and tumblr and have had conversations and debates, I talked to fellow plagiaree bex-chan and I had MeganM offer to put together screenshots for stop_plagiarism. But no, that's not enough. If I "have time to write" then surely I have the time for the stress and thorough investigation of doing everything my goddamn self? And I am the rude one for getting upset?

Well, eilonwy, you can heartily fuck off. When I say I have max 10% of a "regular" person I do NOT mean because the kids are a handful - I mean from the time I get up in the morning. I have barely written a word in months, and thanks to your PERSISTENT and condescending as fuck little guilt trip over in the HV shoutbox, I am now shaking and in tears and will probably have to drop out of Dramione Love.

If you had any compassion, you should've stopped. Because no, I'm not being overly dramatic and you're not being reasonable. THIS was the reason I couldn't get more involved in the first place. This upset will leave me drained for days, thinking about all the ways I fail in life exactly because I DON'T have that energy. I don't have the energy to play with my kids every day. I don't have the energy to be the one to get them up and out the door. I don't have the energy to shower or cook or go to the zoo like I promised -- dad will take you. I don't have the energy for sex. And I don't have the energy to write. But I really, really want to write so Maz says "hang all that other stuff and try to write tonight". And then you come along to dictate what I should do with that energy instead when everything is, by all accounts, well in hand.

It's presumptuous as fuck to think you know what someone else can and can't do and to lecture them (yes, you did lecture me) is rude and condescending and you need to learn to look outside yourself.

Anyone who disagrees with me bere, please unfollow me on the spot. I'm so upset I can't even watch tv with Maz but am writing this on my stupid tablet instead. I don't care if she meant well. She HURT me by not listening to me but just soldiering on with her precious ideals.