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Everything's fine.

Just in case you were wondering. You probably weren't. Those of you that would be prone to wondering would check my Twitter and see that I still post there regularly. It's just that I haven't been at my computer in a very long time and I hate writing longer posts on my phone. So. But I can give you a few updates now...

1) I got a new phone! A white Samsung Galaxy S4. Maz then got my old S2 and I won't have to see him with the HTC Desire Z any longer, win/win. It's indeed a stupid time to buy a brandnew phone, buuuuuuut... yeah. I chose a 2 year payment plan. Not because I didn't have the money (which I suppose I technically don't), but because I'm shit at remembering when exactly I got things and this way I will know that I'm not allowed a new phone until it's paid in full. The final price was the same whether I paid for it the spot or spread it over 6, 12 or 24 months (no interest), so that seemed like a brilliant idea. I'm sure it will feel like forever once I start aching for an upgrade. XD

2) We also bought a car! (See, timing!) It's a Renault Megane stationcar from 2001. I haz pictures. They were taking by the dealer while there was still snow, but I've seen it and gone for a test drive in it and the pictures don't lie. ;)

[Car pictures]

Our neighbour pissed me off a bit after the fact. We'd told him about the car--which was thoroughly researched and run by several people before purchasing, we'd even brought my step-dad with us to look at it--and he kept going on about how we'd bought the first car we'd seen and paid too much. And it's impossible to argue with him because he basically doesn't understand Danish and understands very little English, plus he's a damn mechanic.

Let me explain the mechanic part. I realised that I hate mechanics. Mechanics belong to a group of people that generally dismiss me on sight for not having a dick, which is enough to piss me off. I may not be car savvy, but I'm at least as car savvy as Maz, kthxbai. I was the one browsing cars for hours and hours and hours until I had to force him to take an interest. But other than that general sexism, mechanics simply cannot fathom why regular people will pay extra to get something in full working order, rather than risk having to go to the shop all the time. If the car rattles we won't know if it's something insignificant or if it's falling apart. We cannot afford shit like that. So we found a dealer that at least seems very thorough and got the thumbs up from my car-savvy step-dad.

Then Neighbour Guy prints out the ad for a similar car and comes over to show me how I paid farrrrr too much. Yeah, no. That listing price was only about 17% less (I'd give you numbers but cars are more expensive in Denmark compared to a lot other countries, so it might confuse more than help). True, that car had also gone about 65k km less, but 1) the price I had cited was including plates, this was without. 2) There was no telling from that grainy little pic how its condition was - the one we bought was pretty much pristine with no dents, no scratches, no rust, not even any spots on the seats. 3) It said nowhere when the cheaper car had last passed the MOT test or whether it would need work done before it could pass it - ours has passed that test just before we pick it up, giving us a full two years where we at least won't have to worry about that. 4) There were no comments at all on what extras the car he'd printed had or what things that perhaps weren't relevant to the MOT but still needed work. When agreeing to buy our car, we were asked if we'd noticed anything at all extra we wanted him to fix before we picked it up (yeah, I do realise this could be a get-out-of-jail-free card for anything we might have missed--I'm not actually stupid), and the dealer himself pointed out a few minor things we'd never have noticed (like a missing hinge on one of the front doors) and said he'd change the tyres too. He said the only reason the car wasn't already done was because sometimes a mechanic rolled in, looking for a deal, and then he'd feel his work was wasted.

So, yeah. I'm not regretting the extra cost.

Fucking mechanics.

Our driving instructor also said that our neighbour sounds like a typical mechanic, haha.

Okay, I suppose the dealer is a kind of mechanic too, but I'll make sure to rant if he fucked us over.

3) Maz and I both passed our theory test on Monday, and Maz has his driving test on Thursday next week. There weren't enough spots open for me. :( My test isn't until July 2nd. Our instructor has said he'll keep his eyes open for another early opening popping up, but I'm not holding my breath. My passport, which I use as ID for this, expires on June 28th. So you can imagine how frustrated I was when Maz told me our instructor hadn't scheduled me first (I'd mentioned the passport to him at some point, but I'm sure he forgot) and I was like FUCK NO, I AM NOT PAYING OUT MY NOSE TO RENEW MY PASSPORT FOR THIS!!! IT'S FOUR DAYS!!! And then I made Maz call the police who merrily kept redirecting his call until he actually spoke with one of the policemen performing the tests who said, "Uh, just have her bring her certificate of baptism as well as her passport and it'll be fine with us." So I'll do that. It's lucky that my mum gave me that certificate a while ago.

4) Just to speak about something else: Maz got a job. Well, kind of. He's not actually making more money, but he's helping out with a grade 0 (5-6-year-olds) 22 hours a week and hopefully laying the foundation/networking to get a more steady teaching position. And lemme tell you... he may get off work at noon most days, but he is exhausted when he gets home. Those little kids are seriously doing a number on him. It's kind of funny, but I wouldn't dare laugh for fear that he'd refuse to make me dinner then. ;) Not that he always does anyway. I may actually have to cook some days if he keeps wanting to order take-out this often.

I could give you about a million more little updates, but I'm sure this was boring enough. Oh, btw, one last thing: Frederik (new kitty) is doing fine. He more or less moved out on our veranda since we sealed it off with some net and built him an impressive scratching post. He especially likes to sleep where the kids can't get to him. XD
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