akashathekitty (akashathekitty) wrote,

That's it!

I have ranted about the pathetic, little man that fathered me before in here.

He's now blocked on facebook, which severs the very last of our feeble connection.

I had told him before time and time again that I did not want to see his disgusting racist and sexist reposts with no basis in reality, when today I again saw he'd posted the mother of all racist non sequiturs and I snapped. He's gone.

Afterwards I posted a PSA on my timeline about it, saying why I had blocked him and telling people that they could let me know if they disagreed and wanted to unfollow me as well. I am done.

Did you know that he'd been invited to Snuffles' first birthday and didn't show? Didn't even cancel? Didn't even send a present? I'm so sick of having to badger him endlessly for a clear answer on anything or for him to bother with my kids at all. He doesn't want to be the one to have to do anything. He'd rather just act like it's on us and we should come visit him with all the trouble with little kids and heavy luggage on buses and trains (he has a car) and then when we're there he can just... sit around and get drunk with his mates while we have to take care of ourselves. And then he doesn't get why we basically never want to go. Fucking asshole.

I honestly don't even think I'll be sad when he dies. With all the damage he's done to this family, I think I might actually feel relieved that I'll never be pressured into seeing his face again.

This should have happened a long time ago.
Tags: drama, family, i want a divorce, rl
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