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More on the driving thing

So today Maz and I went to our first theory lessons for our driver's licenses.

By Danish law you are required to have:

- 29 theory lessons with 3 evaluating tests
- 4 practical lessons in a closed practice space
- 16 maneuvering lessons on roads
- 4 lessons at a technical driving facility (slippery conditions etc)
- You also need an 8 hour first aid course, a doctor's statement, the right kind of ID, and sooo much money. Even a pass in first go will cost us a total of almost 21,000DKK, which is about US$3600 / €2800 / £2400. Yep.

So, basically, we went tonight for theory and will go one more night a week for the next 8 weeks. The closed practice thing will be the first time we actually get to drive and that will happen on the 15th. After that, it alternates between theory and practice. Then it all culminates with a written test that needs to be passed first, followed by a few more lessons and the technical driving facility, and then a practical test.

1/4 fail the written test and 1/3 fail the practical one. I just hope we do better than that, because it would suck to have that extra cost. >_> But all in all it looks like we should be done around mid-June, unless the instructor recommends additional lessons for us. He seems cool enough though, and has pointed out that it's in his own interest to make this as painless on us as possible since his business is very dependent on happy customers and referrals.

We were handed out some helpful tips pamphlets and booklets, a theory book and some DVDs with additional material and sample tests. Being a bit of a swot, I read through all the pamphlets and booklets and some of the book, before deciding that it was past 1AM and I was tired. The DVDs will have to wait until tomorrow.

It was unusually late before we were home today. The lessons ended past nine and because buses at night suck and we needed two of them, it was probably 10:30PM before we were home. Fortunately in the future, the lessons will take place two hours earlier.

Our neighbours a few doors down from us were sitting for us tonight. They're a nice Polish couple with a daughter Kupo's age. Kupo and their daughter go to pre-school together and play together quite often, and the mother always encourages it because she says it helps her (and her daughter) learn Danish. It's nice that they live so close, so we'd asked if they could look after the kids at least some of the times we had to go for theory. Tonight we knew it was going to be late so we'd even asked if Kupo could perhaps sleep over. And of course he could, no problem at all!

So when we got there at 10:30 to pick up Snuffles, the Mother let us in and it was like...

Mother: There's been a problem.
Me: Oh?
Mother: But only with [her daughter]. Your children are perfect! So good!
Me: O.o
Mother: [her daughter] cried and wanted to sleep with me - she never sleeps with me - and your Kupo just patted her and said, "Don't cry! Don't cry! Look, we'll sleep together!" and he was so sweet! Always comforting her.
Me: Yes, he's very affectionate...
Mother: And your Snuffles, ten minutes of crying and then poof, asleep. All gone.
Me: He's a good sleeper.
Mother: [her daughter] never was like that. Always crying and waking up. But Snuffles, no.
Me: Well, next time won't be so late so maybe you won't have to--
Mother: Don't worry about it! They both sleep in our bed with me and my husband sleep in front of TV. He usually does anyway. *rolls eyes*

Haha, I only wish my kids would be that good at home, but I suppose that's the way of it. ;)

And then when she showed me that she'd taken her old baby monitor out for Snuffles sake and I accidentally mentioned that we didn't use a baby monitor any more because ours went wonky a while ago, she gave hers to me with a "No more babies for me anyway. No. One is 23 and one is 4, that is enough."

The father was there too, but he didn't say a lot (not that anyone could say much through the mother's chattering XD but I like chatty people... they're easy to talk to even when you're awkward like me). He just kind of smiled and waved in the background. He doesn't seem to know a lot of Danish and not much English either. He did seem to appreciate the wine that Maz had bought for them, though. XD

So all in all it's been a good day, I think. I need to get a picture taken somewhere this week and then get my doctor's statement that I am able to drive next week. Ugh, and I have to ask my instructor if my passport, which expires in late June and is cutting it very close, is good enough for ID or if I need to go down and have an ID card made.
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